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時が経てば色褪せてく 花のような詩

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- a simple, open-minded girl


-currently is a professional PENANAM ANGGUR

- i dun lyk complex thing- so annoying

- i'm a fan of ULTRAMAN since i'm a kiddie

- does lots of crazy random things (just like Miyavi.. xD) anytime, anywhere, any'mal'~ xD

- people's 1st impression on me- I'M ARROGANT, but once u noe me, u'll see the true me~ bling bling~

- my dream is to watch the Gazette's concert (which seems lyk a dream tat is impossible), but i THINK i'm going 1 day!!! xD

- currently in craze with da JOKER word~ x3

-dun gve a fuck of wat people think bout mEh



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